The Brazen Serpent Chronicles

Talon of Light and The Caduceus
 and Dragon Kiln

Magic has long mystified the unlearned, but we know it is simply the application of eternal principles that are generally unknown to the world at large.  The real mystery in life is the human heart--the loves, the fears, the sacrifices, and the cruelties.

     Personal history of Winna--Master Historian of the court of Standel

Talon of Light

For years Vandria had hidden herself and her son from her past, but the scry basin revealed they had been found.  When an ancient evil returns to the world and abducts Vandria to drain her spiritual essence, can her son Widseth learn the principles of light that will enable him to face evil and save his mother?

Choices face not only Widseth, but society.  Will they choose light and truth, or slavery and death?  Will powers of light surface to challenge the darkness?

Light reveals the evil hidden by darkness, and darkness manipulates light to deceive individuals if they stray from their principles.

The door opens.  Which will emerge...a dragon of light or a dragon of darkness?

The Caduceus

What is freedom, and what are unseen chains that bind individuals into slavery they cannot even recognize?  Follow Widseth and Annel into the southern countries of Aelandra where they confront slavery and gross blindness created by years of darkness.  As they try to reestablish the Aelfene kingdom of Dragada, ancient forces of darkness emerge to create a new Dragon Master to destroy the Order of the Dragons of Light. 

Dragon Kiln

Seldom does one event define history.  Usually many unnoticed incidents, planned and unplanned, lay the foundation for a masterstroke that changes the annals remembered by the record keepers.  Often key participants and natural events are forgotten because they are overshadowed by one or two major figures who become the historical markers chronicled in the accounts of an event.  To truly understand why a civilization changed, one must dig deep to catch a glimpse—a failed crop, or a storm, or an earthquake, and the unnamed people who acted and reacted to circumstances that led to the moment that refocused their world.
From the Teachings of Leanna, Master Mentor, of the Abbey de Testrey--                                                    found in the Library of Vindry