Sacrifice is an anvil upon which hard truths are learned.  It is a unavoidable element in the maturation of identity.  As a person learns to sacrifice temporal things of an immediate nature, desires can be honed and focused into sharp resolution.  That resolution brings light that banishes darkness so the individual detects reality.  When individuals sacrifice things of worth for one another, the bond of love becomes an unbreakable chain that transcends time, distance, life, and death.

     From the Manual of Discipline found in the library of Vindry--author unknown

In the Talon of Light, the powers of light rise to contest the darkness that covers society, but are there enough individuals willing to sacrifice comfort and security to obtain ancient powers long hidden from a darkened world?

The chronicled history continues in The Caduceus, as Widseth and Annel travel to lands ensnared in slavery.  Dark shadows follow the young Dragon Master, seeking to destroy him and his kingdom of light.  Can he unlock the doors to freedom for individuals, or will darkness bind the powers of light with fetters stronger than iron and more cruel than the whips of the overseers?  Thanks to all who have commented on The Caduceus.  I have received some great reviews. 

My new novel, Dragon Kiln, reverts to a time shortly after at time of terror and disaster when the great underground city of Misdara fell into darkness.  The last great Aelfene kingdom, Taina, is destroying itself from within.  The dragon of light, Koparr, and a young Aelfe named Arnor seek to recover the materials needed to forge a weapon to counter the encroaching darkness.  A sword, later named the Talon of Light, makes its first appearance in the hands of a skilled warrior, but will it be enough to stem the tide?

Thank you for all your kind words and interest.