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How to Order the Talon of Light and The Caduceus and Dragon Kiln

5 out of 5 stars On Talon of Light, March 3, 2004
Reviewer: Constance L. Rossman from Fountain, MI United States
An engrossing fantasy with some unexpected twists and turns that make it all the more enjoyable. there are things here that don't happen in most fantasies--an ancient prophecy which is out-of-joint, a reformed villain, and a hero who is NOT the first to receive the magic sword.  Characterisation is exacting and well-built, and there are plenty of dragons for the dragon-lover.  Author of Renegade: The Hunter.

5 out of 5 stars More excitment with every page, December 11, 2003
Reviewer: Elizabeth from Estacada, OR USA

Talon of Light is a thrilling book. You never know what will happen next and it kept my interest all the way through. There are many exciting battles and wars which are not gory or gross but moments of true character. The charecters are very well developed so you get a feel for them. You are always on the edge of your seat to find out what will happen to them. They are also very well defined as good or evil, and throughout the book are morals that make you think. This is not a book that you will forget about. You will always remember the lessons and morals and maybe even apply them to your life.


Comments from the Writer's Digest Judges for the genre fiction contest:

Mr. Baird's description from beginning to end is powerful and graphic, making the readers feel as though they are "there."  He has a strong active voice and shows an excellent command of the language.  The author delivers on the promise and provides the reader with an excellent story that is hard to put down.  The quotes at the beginning of each chapter are a nice touch, adding an extra dimension to the story.  I also like the maps, which give a quick point of reference.

5 out of 5 stars A New Writer with Style, October 16, 2003
Reviewer: Marianne Keesee from Eureka, Ca USA
Talon of Light is the first book in the Brazen Serpent Chronicles. It is high fantasy at its best. The story is chock-full of heroes, damsels, dragons and evil antagonists. Dennis Baird has given us a rich tale that depicts the age old struggle between good and evil; we cry and cheer and gasp along the journey. A tremendous first novel that will bring the author success. It is unfortunate that the price placed on it by the booksellers is so high, but don't let that stop will be glad to have this one in your collection.  Author of Jumping Jack Flash of the Time Tripper Series.

5 out of 5 stars Talon of light, October 9, 2003
Reviewer: adamelida from Kingsville, Tx

This is a fun, insightful novel. The moral lessons in this work of literature are brilliant and fascinating. The story line is easy to follow and leaves you hanging on each chapter. I feel that the moral views expressed in this work of fiction could easily be implied in our own lives. In a day and age when religious views are looked down on, and those who choose to live by the tenets of their faith are seen as old fashion, this book is full of heroes who choose to do the right thing. The characters in the book are clearly defined as good or evil. There are no heroes that have muddy moral values. This book could be placed on the same moral plane as such books as: The lion, the witch, and the wardrobe and The Lord of the rings. In short this book is about people who choose to make the right decisions for the right reasons. An excellent read.

A Refreshing Change of Pace, September 8, 2005
Reviewer: Jonathan M. Rudder "author, 'The Milhavior Chronicles'"
In a decade when the fantasy and science fiction genres are burgeoning like never before, the lack of worthwhile reading material has been at a surprisingly all-time low. Mr. Baird's Brazen Serpent Chronicles is one of the rare exceptions. Talon of Light breaks away from the current trend of 'trying to be different' from the traditional greats . . . and usually failing miserably. Mr. Baird truly understands the need for a clear line between good and evil, the traditional struggles--both corporeal and spiritual--that make a great fantasy story great, but he also understands what really makes a fantasy unique . . . not the basic underlying themes, but the people the story involves and the individual journeys they each must make. Without being forced, Talon of Light succeeds at being different. It is an intensely character-driven tale, each with their own quests and trials, each culminating in a powerful harmony. I highly recommend The Brazen Serpent Chronicles: Talon of Light.

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